The Green Design Studio
Dubai.United Arab Emirates

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The Green Design offers sustainable built environment solutions for a green lifestyle based on sustainability and green design principles. We develop home furnishing products that improve the overall health & well being of human beings and create healthy life spaces for them while minimizing the negative impact on the global environment.

The Green Design has won the Arabia CSR Sustainability Award 2015 for its best performance as a social enterprise. The best business of the year award has also been given to The Green Design.




We believe in "Sustainability". Our vision is to transform every conventional indoor and outdoor space into a green life space by creating healthy and therapeutic designs with the use of natural and sustainable and reginao materials. We have designed all our strategies and policies to enhance the local economy, reduce hazardous emissions and protect our mother nature.


We endorse


                    "Sustainability is an approach to progress that meets the needs of the present

                   without compromising the ability of future generations to

                    meet their own needs."


                                                                                                                                      Bruntland Report

                                                                                                                                      Our Common Future    1987                          










  • Improving Health & Well Being of Society

  • Promoting Local Craftmanship

  • Creating more work opportunities for women

  • Reducing the Carbon Footprint of the local community 





  • Complying with local & international standards of sustainability

  • Reducing Harmful Emissions from design development to  execution

  • Using natural, sustainable and regional materials 

  • Creating energy-efficient designs 

  • Recycling all design materials & waste 





  • Enhancing Local Economy

  • Developing designs from local & regional materials 

  • Creating cost-effective designs for the residential sector

  • Enhancing workspaces by improving performance & productivity of workers

  • Introducing responsible buying




Our mission is to generate awareness in the UAE society about the green lifestyle and help them create a green and healthy life space. Through our green designs, concepts, and products we aim to help people design sustainable environments by reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the global environment.


We strongly endorse our mission statement 




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